Here are 3 often overlooked marketing tools that are not part of the “mechanics” of your marketing roadmap but need to be part of your strategy. Without these 3 tools you could have a tough time getting your small budget marketing, pr and social media program off the ground.

First, you need an IMAGINATION. You don’t have to dream new things up necessarily, you just need to be able to take ideas that you see and/or read about, integrate them into your marketing programand make them work for you. Imagination allows you to think out of the box to put a marketing, pr and social media program together. Use your imagination to make someone else’s great idea or tip work for you. You’re not reinventing the wheel, this just puts you ahead in the game.

Next you need some FRIENDS to help create buzz about what you are doing. You know who you can turn to for a little support, a kind word or a solution to a problem. You can use truthful statements from your friends in a variety of ways. In brochuresthey can offer short endorsements regarding your product, service, or event. They can post favorable comments regarding you and your services on Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues. They can be your models in photos. They are your support team. They can offer insight, ideas, a shoulder to cry on, even a short getaway when you need to step back from all you are doing. Use your friends. Good friends help you be successful!

The third thing is PATIENCE. Not my strong suit and when you are starting a marketing program, especially one with a very small budget, this is something you must have. People with big budgets can make big splashes. For the rest of us, our course is slow and steady, we have to keep plugging along. But your patience will pay off. When I first started tweeting in April of this year, I wanted to be like those who had thousands of followers right off the bat. Yes, I admit, I was totally envious of those people. I read all of those tweets about getting thousands of followers and finally decided to try one of the sites out – it was a small site that you rotated through so there was an ending, thankfully!  Yes, I got quite a few followers, but they had nothing to do with my interests and it was a waste of time and energy. Live and learn…have patience.

There will be days when you are fresh out of ideas. Days when your friends tell you things you don’t want to hear. Days when you are ready to chuck everything because your patience is fried. You have to remember – Don’t Stop Believing! Stick to your roadmap, you will continue moving forward toward your destination.

How are you incorporating your friends in your business?