Doug Anwieler and Leslie Saint McLellan at BlogWorld - The Ultimate Social Media Melting Pot


With social media as the common thread, all walks of social media life came together as thousands of individuals from small towns and big cities met in Los Angeles for 3 days at BlogWorld/New Media Expo in November.  Billed as the largest new media conference in the world, in my mind BlogWorld is the ultimate social media melting pot.

I was fortunate enough to be there both as an attendee and as a speaker and feel so privileged to have been part of it.  We came to learn new aspects of the business of social media, network, and share our passion for the industry we work and spend most of our waking moments in.  We came to be a part of this ultimate social media melting pot.

For those who are in small business with small budgets (like me) here’s a tip – put in a speaking proposal for conferences you would like to be present at.  With a compelling topic, you just might be chosen to speak.  As a speaker you generally receive a complimentary ticket and that does wonders for your small business budget!

The Big Takeaway (for me anyway)

We’re all knowledgeable in various aspects of social media.  But the field is huge and there are so many areas you can excel in.  No one knows it all.  Hence when you check in at BlogWorld you become part of this big social media melting pot, sharing what you know and gleaning what you can from what everyone else knows.

As a Speaker

What an opportunity and what a great job BlogWorld did to make all of us welcome and comfortable.  We connected early and often via Facebook so when we all met at an event the night before BlogWorld officially began we already “knew” each other.  That was so cool!  My co-presenter, Doug Anweiler of Authentic Seacoast Resorts, was phenomenal.  Our topic “Budget?  What Budget?  One Person Social Media Marketing with Zero Money” was in the tourism track, but many of those in our audience were small business people and it was great to speak and share ideas with those who work in tourism as well as operate a small business.

As an Attendee

Same thing… what an opportunity!  Being able to participate in such high quality sessions and have such a variety to choose from was terrific.  Peter Shankman, one of our keynote speakers shared another great takeaway – Have a backup plan for when you succeed.  How’s that for a positive spin on things?  What a wonderful point that he made and one I’ll remember always.

A melting pot is a place where people and ideas mingle and blend together.  That is exactly what happened at BlogWorld Los Angeles as we took part in the ultimate social media melting pot.  I can certainly say this was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my 30 year marketing career; it gave me enough blog post ideas to last for months.  What I learned over those 3 days was PRICELESS as far as I’m concerned.

Would I recommend BlogWorld as a must attend for those in social media?  YOU BETCHA!  BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012

The next BlogWorld happens in June in New York City. Will you be there?

Let me know your thoughts!