We all do social media presentations, but I have one coming up that is a little tricky – or so it seems to me.  I thought I would lay it out here and see what you think should be added, what I might be missing. Social Media presentation for regional tourism group

While I have had success marketing a destination and small businesses via social media, this particular presentation is to get the ball rolling for an entire region.  We will be focusing on the tourism attributes of the region and starting a social media presence from nothing.  The audience will consist of a wide variety of tourism based businesses – from CVB’s to hotels to attractions to events to other suppliers.  While each entity is doing some sort of social media marketing, this presentation is to help them do more in terms of social media, dig a little deeper into social marketing and to work together to help promote the region as well as their individual businesses.

In thinking about this I have done the following:

            *Put together a packet titled “Laying the Groundwork for Social Media Marketing.”  This packet will be handed out at the beginning of the presentation and we will walk through a variety of things that need to be in place before anyone starts with social media.  We’ll be discussing having passion for social media and how to integrate it into your daily life.

            *I wrote a short ebook, The Small Town Marketing Handbook, which I think will work well to encourage this region to act and market like a small town – bring everyone together, build a small social media army to help and promote each other as well as the region.

            *We’re going to discuss monitoring tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck– how they can help and be a vital part of each person’s social media strategy.

            *We’ll discuss the importance of Hashtags, keywords and links.

            *We’re going to cover how and who to follow on Twitter as well as discuss Facebook pages a bit.

            *We’ll discuss the importance of “conversations” via social media and some basic things like that too, just to make sure everyone is on the same page.

This presentation is very important to the social media future of this region and I want to make sure that I get it right for them.  What else do you think should be added?  Feel free to give me specific examples too!

Thanks a million!

Looking for small budget marketing tips?  A few tips are posted each week on the Just a Small Town Girl Facebook page – hope you will visit and drop a note on the wall!  Please feel free to download The Small Town Marketing Handbook (free short ebook found on the blog) which discusses how social media allows each of us to be successful marketers regardless of the size of our budgets.  Also, if you would like to know a little bit more about how I market with little or no budget, here is our case study from Social Media Examiner – http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-social-media-saved-lake-arrowhead-when-city-ad-budgets-ran-dry/