Dancing with the Stars has started again. I love to dance and started pondering comparisons between social media and Dancing with the Stars. While I can’t draw comparisons directly to the show, there are certainly a few good social media comparisons with some of the dances highlighted each season.

The Tango
Yes, it does take 2 to Tango and so is the case with social media. Are you interacting with your audience? If you’re not engaging your followers and your friends, all your conversation is one way, and there is no Tango. The Tango is passionate and precise – exactly what your social media conversations should be like. Be passionate about what you are saying and say it with precision. Do this and you will ignite a spark with your audience and your social media Tango will begin.

The Quick Step
The Quick Step is short and to the point. It’s casual, comfortable, fun, light and fast. You could say the same thing for social media. Those adjectives sum up how people involved in social media prefer to function. It’s also the way the general public prefers to get their information. Gone are the days of long involved articles. Today we want our info quickly so we can move on. Those who excel at social media have definitely mastered the Quick Step philosophy.

The Waltz
When done properly, the Waltz is a thing of beauty. It is smooth, the dancers glide effortlessly across the dance floor, rising and falling. A good post, a good blog and a good waltz is fluid, holds you close and captivates you. When you think of ballroom dancing, generally the Waltz is what comes to mind first. It is a well known, renowned dance. This is what those involved with social media strive for – to be thought of as an authority, a distinguished leader in their field.

If you are writing good posts and providing excellent information, it’s like an invitation to dance with you. You are inviting your readers to be your partner as you circle the floor and if you do it properly, your audience (the judges) will give you high marks regularly and you will be on your way to your own version of the coveted glitter disco ball.

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