How many hours a day do you sit and stare at your computer screen looking at social media?  For so many of us the answer is “quite a few” to say the least.  Are you paying Social Media screenattention though to the LCD quality on your own social media screen?

LCD televisions provide crystal clear pictures.  Is your social media strategy enhanced and made clearer by LCD?  LCD in social media pretty much guarantees success because when your LCD is tuned in properly, your social media message is crystal clear.

In social media LCD stands for:

Learning – in the beginning, just tackling social media means you have to take part in a big learning curve.  Once that curve is mastered though, the learning doesn’t stop and your strategy must be sound.  As social media grows and changes constantly, you must keep learning, keep reading and keep on top of trends and new ideas.  You cannot allow yourself to become stagnant or you will be left behind.

Connecting – it’s like the Hokey Pokey, it’s what social media is all about.  If you don’t truly connect with others your success in social media will be minimal to say the least.  To be social you have to connect.  Your strategy should always include replies, retweets, leaving comments and asking thought provoking questions.   It’s just like that old marketing saying “Marketing is a contact sport – reach out and touch someone.”  Actively connecting with others ensures that your social media strategy will be robust.

Dedication – you have to give 100% to your social media efforts.  You simply can’t do it half-heartedly.  A successful social media strategy embraces plugging away, little by little, day after day.  Dedication encompasses daily learning and connecting as well as some thought and effort on your part.  Take time to plan your posts around a certain topic or spend time everyday replying to things others have said.  A little planning is part of being dedicated and will do wonders for your social media program.

So take a moment and evaluate the look of your social media screen.  Is the picture fuzzy?  Does the picture go in and out?  Or is it constantly clear with a beautiful picture like you seen on a LCD television? In the case of social media, the picture quality is all up to you!