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The Missing Link for Coaches Interview with Keith Keller

By offering Coaching online you can not only maximize your time, but you can also grow your business exponentially.  Recently Keith Keller, host of The Global Spotlight Podcast, and I spent some time discussing the changing landscape of Coaching and how coaches need not be afraid of technology.  By embracing new ways to coach, like Google Hangouts, Skype, Podcasts, etc., coaches no longer need to be tied to their geographical boundaries.

Coaching via YOUR story

Below you will find the links to my two-part podcast conversation with Keith.  You’ll hear a bit of my story and how I handle the Coaching side of my business.  Please remember, it’s your own individual story that makes you a good coach.  My Coaching resonates with those who choose to work with me because I am in the trenches, just like my clients, and I’ve been through what they’re currently experiencing.  Coaching is sharing.  Period.  It’s sharing the ways you know how to be more successful.  It’s sharing the pros, cons, tips, tricks and passion with your clients to keep them moving forward and becoming more successful.

Coaching in person – either online or physically

It doesn’t matter what type of Coaching you’re doing, everyone loves face to face.  Coaches need to embrace the fact that “in person” doesn’t always mean “in real life.”  Face to face now includes meeting via Google Hangouts or Skype “in real time.” That is what matters.

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The Global Spotlight Podcast – Part 1

The Global Spotlight Podcast – Part 2

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