You gotta have it!

Everything I learned about soccer was from my kids playing it when they were little.  The main thing I learned from those few brief years that we followed soccer was that soccer fans have PASSION.  With the FIFA World Cup starting we’re all in for some wonderful insight to the passion of soccer.

Earlier this week I met with 2 businesses – one I had met with several months ago and spent a few hours discussing social media and helping them set up their Facebook and Twitter pages.  The second business came to me for the first time to start the social media discussion.

Here’s how the 2 meetings went down:

The business I had met with before came back to me for a refresher as they had not done anything with their social media presence.  They said they had been “too busy” and they were wondering how social media could be done with very little effort.

I said to them the very same thing I said in our first meeting, “Social media takes your time, but not dollars from your marketing budget.  You have to be willing to invest the time though to make it work for you.”

Now I realize that I left out a very important statement in speaking with them the first time around.  You must have the PASSION for social media in order to make it work for you.  Without the passion, the excitement for what you can attain for your business, there is no way that social media will work for you.

I told them this during our second meeting, but there was no spark.  No passion.  I think they will decide that social media is simply not for them.

The second business I met with has the passion.  I told them right off that they had to be passionate about their social media programs and they in turn told me about all the reading and research they had already done, the excitement that they felt and their enthusiasm for getting their sites up and running right away.

I have no doubt that they are ready and willing to invest their time in social media in order to expand their business opportunities.

So I learned something very valuable this week.  I learned how to better start a social media discussion – throw the passion card on the table first off and see how the business responds.  I think that will cut to the chase and it will be easy for a business or organization to decide if social media is right for them.

What questions do you ask people or businesses who are interested in starting a social media program to see if they are ready and willing to jump in?

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