Social media, online marketing, SEO, content, directory listings, article marketing, Twitter, Facebook – they’re all ingredients for a great tasting social media pie. Pies taste best when all of the ingredients are perfectlySocial Media Marketing Strategy matched. I bet you have days when you feel like your social media marketing pie ingredients are off and your pie tastes terrible.

So to make sure you are indeed making the most of your social media marketing pie, here are 3 ingredients that you should add to your recipe to help you have a blue ribbon winning pie:

1. Hootsuite/Tweetdeck – by using one or both of these social media tools you can increase both your productivity and monitor your brand easily. I have found that a combination of both is the winner for me. I schedule some tweets and Facebook posts via Hootsuite. It’s nice to have the option for some things to post at certain times. If you’re like me and have connections with others around the world you want to be able to send them messages and reply to conversations when they are up and working. Hootsuite makes this totally possible. You can also schedule your posts from Tweetdeck, but personally I use Tweetdeck more for monitoring conversations. You can set up categories, people, lists and hashtags to follow and check in with – it’s a very easy way to stay up on all that is happening in your social media world.

2. Editorial Calendar – this tool makes your social media life so much easier. If you can get down on paper (or on your computer) a schedule for posting, along with your ideas for each post then you have your social media marketing pie half made. It’s the ideas, the content, which often becomes the stumbling block. By starting an editorial calendar you can continually add to it, move things around and have ideas that are in print right in front of you. An Editorial Calendar is a great way to stay on task and moving forward.

3. Focus – stay focused on your niche! It’s so easy to veer off in 100 different directions when participating in social media. Can you imagine what your pie would taste like if you just kept throwing in ingredients with no rhyme or reason? It would taste awful. The same holds true with your online marketing – if you don’t use the ingredients from your recipe, if you don’t stay true to your niche, your marketing will be all over the place and you won’t come out with a blue ribbon, award winning pie.

To master the art of pie making it takes time, effort and the best ingredients. The same holds true with social media marketing. Once you master and perfect your own social media marketing recipe you are guaranteed to have a blue ribbon winning program!