Social media marketing requires, oops, no sorry, it DEMANDS constant care and feeding. Social media marketing is not rocket science, but there IS a science to it. Social media Social media marketing DEMANDS constant care and can’t be random, it’s got to be focused and you’ve got to have some sort of marketing plan to follow which includes the care and feeding of your program.

Let’s start with caring for your social media program. Kraft Foods How Oreo Learned to Fish Where the Fish Are” is a perfect example of how to care for your online marketing efforts. I’ve had several meetings with small businesses recently that have not identified their niche, their target market, with social media. Hence they‘re frustrated and feel that social media isn’t working for them so they aren’t caring about their program. Here are 3 solid ways to care for your small business social media program:

1. You can speak directly to those that want to hear from you. No need to cast a wide net and try to catch the masses. By focusing on your target market you are able to grow your business substantially by highlighting what you can do for your customers, which clearly shows that you care about them.

2. There’s that whole “authority” thing. It’s true, I’ve watched it time and again, those who use social media and are helpful sharing what they truly know rise to the top and are looked at as authorities in their field. Care to share what you know.

3. Care about growing your online networking platforms. Reach out, connect, spend time to find out who the social media leaders are in your line of business, spend time to find out where your target market is looking for information and make sure you are there.

By working on these 3 things, by caring about your marketing program, your social media program will grow and it will work for you.

“Feed the birds” – that was referenced in an email I received from Lynette Chandler, That got me thinking about feeding your social media program and how crucial that feeding is for online success.

So how do you “feed” your program?

  • Provide good, solid info to others that they can pass on and give you credit for sharing. Conversely, pass along what others say – put them in the spotlight. Great way to feed your online efforts.
  • Jump in, be social, have a conversation – that’s what it’s all about.
  • Spend the time each and every day online. That’s the part of this whole thing that the small businesses that I’ve worked with have had problems with. They don’t want to spend the time. Well guess what? If you don’t spend the time, in essence if you don’t feed your program, it’s certainly not going to work.

Social media necessitates attention. Think about the things you give attention to – your pets, your plants, your friends and family. Those things all thrive when you care for them and feed them in a variety of ways.

Don’t you think it’s time you did the same thing for your small business social media marketing program?