Local Online Marketing is yet another social media gift for those who take advantage of online marketing.  It’s a fantastic way for small businesses (or events, destinations, attractions, Direct Sales/Sellers, etc!) to get the word out quickly, easily and so effectively.

There are countless statistics regarding “local search” right now – rather than bore you with all of them, just know that at least 1 in 3 people are doing their primary searches online using local/location searching.

Not only is local online marketing a new chapter in social media marketing, it represents a new chapter in my life.  Almost a year ago I started Just a Small Town Girl blog to share my experiences marketing with a very small and sometimes zero marketing budget.  This is my passion and I love passing what I have personally experienced along.

Now I have something more to share.  My good friend Jackie Ulmer and I have thrown ourselves into local online marketing, local search marketing and SEO and have started All Things Social Online – a social media marketing agency.  While we have been doing this for a while, just last week we launched officially.  You can read about some of our successes on our What Others are Saying page.  Our goal is to help both those struggling with their online presence as well as those who are savvy and want to DIY (Do It Yourself).  As we move forward, All Things Social Online will be a great resource for all social media marketers – regardless of your online experience and know-how.

So as we all take advantage of Local, Social, and whatever new types of online marketing lies in our futures, there is no doubt about the power of the internet where small businesses, destinations, events, Direct Sales/Sellers and just about anything else is concerned.  As long as we all use it wisely, our marketing programs will continue to grow and thrive.

Please take a look atwww.allthingssocialonlineand let me know what you think!  Content (video, how-to’s etc.) will be added on a regular basis, so I hope it will become a regular information source for you!!