The quiet AFTER the stormA Lesson from The Quiet AFTER the Storm~

I equate social media to the blizzard we are in the midst of where I live. Three of the four expected storms have come and gone.  I woke up this morning and it was quiet. Not a sound to be heard. I have always loved the special kind of quiet that happens after a snow storm. Peaceful. Beautiful.

I never appreciated that special kind of quiet as much as I appreciate it today, right now. A year ago, and all the other years that I have consciously paid attention to this quiet, I was not involved in social media. Thinking about it this morning, social media is just like a blizzard. The wind that howls and causes the noise during a blizzard can be equated to the thoughts, statements, links to articles all swirling around madly, world views, personal views 24/7 – our brains never get a chance to just enjoy the quiet – that is unless we knowingly let them.

For the past 10 months my brain has not experienced any kind of quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved learning social media and absolutely love being part of it. But this morning, as I just sat and enjoyed the quiet… the absolute silence… I realized that I have been so caught up in the whole experience I had forgotten what it was like to take time out to just sit and enjoy the quiet, the noise from social media has not let my mind rest.

Blizzards are exciting. Blizzards are crazy. The same holds true with social media. Blizzards pass and then the quiet sets in. The lesson that I learned this morning, which was practically shouted at me in the quiet is:

Enjoy the silence. Make time for the silence.
It won’t be long before the snow plows and snow blowers kick in
and the noise starts all over again.