Working Together to Make Your Community Magnetic

With marketing, and especially digital marketing, sometimes you need a little extra help, maybe a program to follow.  Between Just a Small Town Girl and Tourism Currents, your bases are covered.  You’ll find offered here everything from Digital Audits to Tourism Assessments and Strategy, to complete digital destination marketing training programs to a la carte items for any business – we offer plenty of services and tools to help make your marketing successful in the digital space for years to come.

Here’s a list of what Just a Small Town Girl can offer:

Digital Marketing Audits – Is your community or business all over the place when it comes to your online presence? This audit will look at your digital marketing efforts, provide ways to enhance and improve your online marketing, make sure your marketing is integrated across the board, and provide a 3-month marketing plan to get your online marketing working for you.

Tourism Assessments – Could your community be doing more to attract tourism? An assessment offers a look at your community through fresh eyes. See what’s working and what can be improved from a visitor’s standpoint. An assessment includes a roadmap to improve the overall visitor experience, community engagement, traditional and online marketing integration, and marketing communication.

Tourism Development Strategies – Do you need help putting your town on the map? Whether you’re building a tourism effort from scratch or need to revitalize your tourism marketing, I can help you build a solid tourism foundation and strategy.

Social Media/Digital Marketing Workshops and Training – Does your community or business need social media training? I provide workshops and consulting for all social media marketing needs.

Conference Sessions – Need a speaker for your conference? I love to share what I’ve learned over the years. From zero-budget social media marketing to community engagement and all aspects of tourism marketing, I can help!

Community Engagement 101 – new addition

This specialized 2-day training is for Destination Marketing Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Merchant’s Associations, Tourism Bureaus, or any organization looking to engage their community.  Marketing a destination is a community effort.  Engagement grows a community.  The 2-day training consists of the following (although can be customized to meet current needs):

Before I come to your community we will spend time on the phone or Skype discussing your current community engagement, who your stakeholders are as well as the plan to meet with stakeholders one on one prior to the community meeting that will kick off this engagement program.

Day 1 – Deep dive into the destination marketing organization’s goals, strategy, identification of stakeholders, how to listen to stakeholders, and includes preparation for the second day interacting with the community as well as formulation of subsequent community meetings. Approx. 3 hours.

Day 2 – We will have a strategic agenda planned and I will help facilitate your first community meeting so you can be an active participant.   This agenda consists of 6 parts that will start the community all moving in the same direction as the tourism organization and it is guaranteed to get everyone communicating! Approx. 3 hours.

Cost for the program – $2,500.00 plus travel expenses

Tourism Currents – Over at Tourism Currents, we teach communities how to use digital destination marketing to attract their perfect visitor.  From individual lessons to our full 6 part course with full support, if you’re looking for training in destination or tourism marketing, Tourism Currents is right for you.  Prices start at $125.00 for a single lesson.

Consulting/Mentoring – Need a little guidance from someone who has been in (and still is in) your shoes trying to market with very little money?  Book a session with me! For $197.00 you get an hour and a half of my time, one on one, which can be broken into two 45 minute sessions if you like.  In the first session, we’ll talk about what you are doing and work through issues you are encountering and the second session, a couple of weeks later, we’ll go over your progress and implementation of what we worked on together.

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